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The Energy Transition

It’s hard to go a single day without hearing about the energy transition, or efforts to increase sustainable energy sources. The EU has set targets to reduce greenhouse gas emission to 80% below 1990 levels. Aside from this, several countries are phasing-out nuclear power. The entire energy mix is shifting towards Renewable Energy Sources. The increase in Wind and Solar Energy plays a major role in this transition.

However, the transition is far from complete. Renewable production will just be a part of the transition. Storage of energy will become more important, to provide the energy in scarce situations. Flexibility will be needed when energy systems depend on Wind and Solar energy.

Northpool’s role

By trading on the energy markets, supply and demand are balanced. Northpool’s expertise lies in the trading of short term energy products. Northpool has profound experience in trading power, gas and other commodities. On the short term, supply and demand depend heavily on weather conditions.

Northpool’s traders have their focus on these changing market fundamentals. From seasonal forecasts to daily weather analysis, Northpool trades and balances the energy. The traders and analysts are trained internally, to know the dynamics of the markets. They face the challenges and seize the opportunities that arise with the transition of the energy industry.

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