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The Electric Shock

Flip a switch and the lights go on. Simple, right? But you may be shocked to learn that a whole network of people work round the clock to make sure that happens. We’re part of that network.

The Energy Exchange

Energy is traded on markets, similarly to the way stocks are. Except that it's a trade of physical products. Supply and demand must be balanced at all times. A power shortage creates problems. Northpool trades – within and across borders – to deliver power where it is most needed.

The Energy Transition

Making the Transition

It’s hard to go a single day without hearing about the energy transition, or efforts to increase sustainable energy sources. As systems slowly switch to green energy sources, new challenges arise. And trading in power becomes more complicated – and more competitive.

Predicting the Unpredictable

Weather forecasts are merely predictions. No one can say what will happen with absolute certainty. But the more countries rely on wind, water and sunlight to power their grids, the better Northpool gets at anticipating the weather and planning for uncertainties – and opportunities.

Take a shot

Most people have never heard of the power markets before they meet us. So we don’t expect you to know anything about them when you join our team. We do expect you to be ready to learn.

Make a Trade

With your analytical mind and your passion for puzzle solving, you need a job that pushes you to excel and dares you to think differently. If you’re ready to try your hand at beating the markets and are strong enough to make firm decisions on the fly, you could be our next trader.

Be Part of Our World

Make a Difference

Our business may be all about trading, but our traders aren’t the only key players. We hire some of the best analysts, developers, programmers and support staff. Without them, we couldn’t be us. So even if trading doesn’t turn you on, you still may have skills we need.

Junior Energy Trader

Join the Team

We promise to teach you everything we know about the energy markets. And if you give 100%, we’ll reward you. We offer excellent remuneration, including annual performance-related bonuses for all. We’re not a typical office with typical office hours. Every day, we’ll ask you to learn. Work. Excel. Win.